My name is Deana Rose Wilson and I am a self-proclaimed weaver of fantasy and science fiction.

Let me take you to the depths of space where humankind is locked in battle with the indigenous “Morlocks” for their natural resources.  And where one doctor’s pride may mean destruction for all of Earth.  We can journey to the broken memories of a mental patient as he tries to unlock the treasures of his past lives.  If you’d like to stay on Earth, we can journey to the not so distance future where an alien virus has made humans something “more” and one acolyte of Sun Tzu must find the courage to face danger … and love.  Or uncover the secret of the best ingredients to a post-apocalyptic meal as two sisters make their dangerous passage to school.

In excerpts from my upcoming works, we can weave a skein across the seas to Ireland as the future meets the archaic when the ancient goddesses of war try to rescue the island from its own corrupt, high-tech government.  Or wander the web of the fantasy world of Valennia where witches control the elements – but it may not be enough to stop an ancient evil if they can’t unite.  Read the tangled knots of a world with no electronics, where Engineers depend on steam and ingenuity to protect them from the madman who brought Armageddon.  Or shuttle to the past, to a world where magic might not make a difference if it can’t save your sister from a fire.    

Explore my “Upcoming” page to learn more about my works-in-progress and my “Published” page for links to my four published short stories.  Follow my blog, “Words from the Weft and Warp”.  For more insight into my life and to understand what drives me, visit my author biography on my “About” page.  Stop by “Writing Tips” for words that have inspired me and great tips.  Or, if you just want to “shoot the breeze” with me, visit me at “Contact“.

Happy hunting and happy reading!